blog; dreaming of bleu


It’s been three years since I received this beautiful gift – and it has managed to stay in immaculate condition despite it being used on the daily. And I mean, heavily used… Mixed in my handbag next to keys, receipts, pens and the occasional wrapped banana bread that I sneak in there.

Balenciaga leather is designed for wear and that’s why I keep on coming back. Over the years, the blue ‘bleu cobalt’ leather has slowly faded, but given way to a vintage … Almost.. Softly cracked finish. The leather becomes softer and looks even better now!

It took myself growing older to start appreciating quality pieces… These investment pieces. It may have been a huge splurge at the time for just a little wallet, but considering how durable it is and how timeless it looks- I think I’ll be keeping this one for a while!

x sfl


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